Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sewing, crafting, drawing, designing, sewing!

I go through spurts of energy, where I'll have an intense urge to create. Often, my children or friends will push, encourage, and inspire me, or sometimes, I'll just get an idea that won't go away until I make something. Because I am who I am, once I create the object, I want to move on to the next thing. When crafting or making art, I don't usually stick to one medium for long.

Work samples of an ADD crafter/artist, 2011-2013.
Since I last posted two years ago (OMG, that's forever and I'm almost assured that nobody is reading this), I've learned to knit, took a screenprinting class and a cartooning class, made more dolls and toys for my kids, been to "Summit of Awesome" in Baltimore, been to Crafty Bastards in DC, helped my kids and friends with numerous art and design projects, and I started sewing coffee cozies for sale at my local coffee shop.

I've stuck with making the cozies longer than most of my crafting endeavors, and am looking to improve my skills at sewing by taking an actual sewing class. I'm a bit intimidated by my sewing machine at the moment, so all the sewn objects you see here have been assembled by hand.

I'm looking at a new theme with the cozies (previous theme: bargain bin/fat quarters) and am selecting fabric patterns from with a circus or carnival theme. If I don't get good results with the designs that the artists have for sale on Spoonflower, I may resort to designing my own patterns. That sounds like a fun "next thing"!